Top 10 Most Beautiful Places To Vacation In Alabama

noccalula falls park

5. Orange Beach [MAP]

orange beach

On the Alabama/Florida Gulf Coast, the resort city of Orange Beach has a population of 5,500. It’s one of the top destinations in Alabama to go if you want to unwind. You may stay in beachfront housing and play some basketball or tennis at a recreation center if you become bored with water sports.

You can spot dolphins in Orange Beach as well, or you can do what the locals do for fun: head to the Orange Beach Islands. Perdido Pass contains the four islands, which are reachable only by watercraft. The islands are well-liked by fans of water sports and a great site to watch marine creatures and seabirds.

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4. Little River Canyon National Preserve [MAP]


A unique location, the Little River Canyon is commonly referred to as the deepest canyon east of the Mississippi River. It is thought that the Little River, which rises in northwest Georgia, is the longest river in the country to flow atop a mountain; in this case, Little Top Mountain.

Even though it only reaches a depth of around 600 feet, it is regarded as a magnificent landform in the southern Appalachian Mountains. A Wild and Scenic River is the Little River. Numerous endangered plant and animal species can be found in the natural reserve that surrounds it.

3. Huntsville [MAP]


Due to its connection to the American space program, Huntsville is known as “Rocket City.” Buildings used to manufacture chemical bombs during World War II were converted to space exploration facilities after the war; the United States launched its first satellite from these sites in 1958. Huntsville now serves as the home of NASA’s Manned Space Flight Center.

Many old homes, some built in the early 1800s, may be found in the city. Space Camp, Alabama Constitution Village, Clay House, which houses a collection of Noritake china, and Veterans Memorial Museum, which houses a collection of military vehicles, are some of the museums.

2. Gulf Shores [MAP]


On the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf Shores is a well-liked vacation spot. It’s a great location for ocean fishing, top-notch golfing, and dolphin viewing, and it’s only 54 miles (87 km) from Mobile. You can go on a sunset cruise on the Gulf in addition to the typical beach activities, or you can take the whole family to an amusement or water park.

Late April is the best time to go if you’re a party animal. The so-called largest beach party in history happens at that time. Throw a dead mullet over the border into Florida to join in on the festivities.

1. Birmingham [MAP]

birmingham al

During the Civil War Reconstruction, the city of Birmingham, England, was founded. Today, it is the biggest city in Alabama. It was dubbed “the Pittsburgh of the South” because it once served as the region’s industrial hub. The Birmingham Museum of Art is the largest art museum in the southeastern United States, making Birmingham the cultural center of Alabama.

Along with various theaters for the performing arts, you may also find ballet, symphony, and opera organizations here.

The Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, which attracts filmmakers from all over the world, is one of many music and cinema festivals held in Birmingham.

Map of Alabama


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