Top 8 Most Beautiful Beaches You Must Visit in Alabama

The Alabama coastline’s mild temperatures and pristine white sand beaches won’t let you down. Alabama is a great location to experience the best Gulf beaches since the Gulf of Mexico is certain to have blue waters and ideal sunbathing weather.

Get up close to the amazing marine life that lives in the Gulf by snorkeling, and then spend the evening dining on freshly caught seafood at a beachside restaurant. You’ll be reluctant to return home!

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The best beaches in Alabama provide activities for all ages, from family-friendly fun like kayaking out to Robinson Island to exciting music festivals that young groups of friends can enjoy, like the Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores. Before you’ve even departed, you’ll be thinking about your upcoming trip to the Alabama coast!

8.) A national wildlife refuge in Bon Secour, Oklahoma

This distinctive wildlife refuge features a variety of ecosystems, including sand dunes, saltwater marshes, and sandy white beaches. Visitors are drawn to the area for more than just the scenery; it is also home to a wide variety of amazing fauna.

Spend time at the beach taking in the rays and taking in the scenery. Make careful to keep an eye out for the area’s resident endangered Alabama beach mouse. Also breeding on the beaches of the preserve are loggerhead and Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles.

You can experience a different kind of beach day by traveling the short 10-minute trip from Gulf Shores to the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge. You don’t get to sit on a beach with more than 370 different bird species very often!

7.) Orange Beach’s Robinson Island

The gorgeous beach and crystal-clear waters of this little island are well-known. Even though there are only four islands off the coast of Orange Beach, this one is by far the most visited. You may take in the serenity and tranquillity of an island day while taking in distant metropolitan views.

It’s not safe to swim out due to the currents, so you’ll need to hire a boat to go to the island. You can also travel there via kayak, jet ski, or even paddleboard if you’re not a boater.

Away from Orange Beach’s bustle, bring some drinks and spend the day unwinding on this stunning island. You’ll adore it, I can tell!

6.) Fairhope’s North Beach Park

Families should visit this picturesque city beach in Fairhope to spend some quality time together. The beach is close to Beach Park Tree Trail, which has over 500 types of trees, and there are paved walking routes nearby that are ideal for a leisurely stroll.

Due to its proximity to Duck Pond, the beach is frequently visited by ducks and geese. So you can take pleasure in a dip in the ocean while watching ducks walk across the beach. Why not adore it? However, be cautious around the geese because they aren’t generally well-behaved.

There is enough to keep everyone entertained for the entire day at North Beach Park thanks to the beach’s covered pavilion and playpark. You can combine a day at the beach with a picnic, a trip to the playground, and a day at the beach.

5.) Fort Morgan Open Space

Located in Mobile Bay, a small inlet on the Gulf of Mexico, Fort Morgan is a historic fort. It was significant in the War of 1812 and afterwards had a significant impact on the American Civil War.

Since then, a little town has formed around it, and the combination of pristine white sand beaches and history makes it a popular beach destination. You can be confident that you will avoid the large crowds that spend their holidays at more popular beach spots like Dauphin Island because it is not a particularly well-known location.

A benefit of visiting Fort Morgan is that the beaches frequently allow dogs. Enjoy the solitude and quiet of this lonely section of beach while taking it easy and listening to the waves smash against the sand.

4.) The Public Beach in Dauphin Island

Fortunately, despite being on an island, you can still drive to this island beach, which is located near the western tip of Dauphin Island. The lengthy stretch of beach is remote and expansive, with room for everyone and is typically not crowded.

There is ample room for everyone to sprawl out and enjoy some peace and quiet, even on a busy day, so bring a nice book! Due to its location along the Alabama Coastal Birding Trail, excellent bird watching is abundant.

Sunbathing and snorkeling are made possible by the white beach and crystal-clear waters. The locals also adore the beach, making it popular among them as well as tourists. Come on down and get to know some Alabamans!

3.) Gulf State Park

A beach in Gulf Shores is called Gulf State Park. This is the ideal city beach to visit with friends or family because it has more than two miles of sandy beach to enjoy and lots of recreational activities.

At the beach, there is a little gift shop where you may buy tackle and mementos. Grab what you need, then head to the 1,512-foot-long, 20-foot-wide fishing pier to try your luck catching dinner.

If you don’t like fishing and you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping activity, rent a board and catch some Alabama waves on a day with a good swell.

2.) Orange Beach

Everyone will love the gorgeous white sand beaches in this small village near the Gulf of Mexico. The name of the main draw is the beach! Orange Beach offers miles of calm waves and pale white sand.

Spend entire days in the sun doing nothing but soaking up the rays and tanning up for the summer. There are numerous hotels along the coastline if you’re looking for lodging.

1.) The Public Beach in Gulf Shores

There is a lot of beach to explore at Gulf Shores’ Public Beach, a popular destination in the city. Check which one is closest to you before beginning your journey to the beach, which begins directly where Highway 59 ends and the Gulf begins.

Come and enjoy a game of beach volleyball with friends or stroll along the boardwalk. Drink a chilled beer by the beach at one of the many beachside pubs after a long day of sunbathing.

Try a local seafood meal at one of the many eateries along the seashore before returning home; a plate of freshly caught fish is always a good choice.

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