Top 10 Most Beautiful Places To Vacation In Alabama

noccalula falls park

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places To Vacation In Alabama

Alabama is known by a variety of names, including the Cotton State, the Yellowhammer State after its official bird, and the Heart of Dixie. Despite the fact that Spanish explorers traveled through the state in 1540, the French were the ones to establish it, creating Mobile in 1702. Alabama is a great area to enjoy water sports because it is situated on the Gulf of Mexico. A thriving arts, cultural, and entertainment sector can be found in the 22nd state.

But because the area is susceptible to hurricanes, you might want to check the forecast before going. Alabama is a great place to kayak a wild river or learn more about our country’s space program, hurricanes and all. It’s understandable why this southern state is a sought-after vacation spot. An overview of Alabama’s top tourist destinations is provided below.

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10. Dauphin Island [MAP]

Dauphin Island

If you’re a migrating bird heading from South America, Dauphin Island off the coast of Mobile is a rest stop. The island is frequently the first land that birds encounter when flying north. On the island, there are a number of bird sanctuaries, but the biggest one is Audubon Bird Sanctuary.

Island beaches offer breathtaking sunsets and are named for the Dauphin of France, Louis XIV’s great-grandson. ‘Damn the torpedoes!’ is a saying that you may have heard. During the Battle of Mobile Bay in 1864, Admiral Farragut introduced the phrase “Full speed ahead!” Fort Gaines, a historic fort with walls, used to stand watch at the mouth of the bay.

9. Noccalula Falls Park [MAP]

noccalula falls park

Noccalula Falls Park’s waters contain a romantic tragedy. According to mythology, Noccalula decided to plunge over the 90-foot falls on her wedding day rather than wed the wealthy chief her father had chosen for her. A nine-foot-tall statue of her can be found at the falls that plunge into the Black Creek ravine.

Aside from the 25,000 azalea bushes at this Gadsden park, there is beauty where there is pain. Camping here gives you access to the park’s paved hiking route, a petting zoo where your kids may play, and Pioneer Village, where you can learn about the area’s history.

8. Montgomery [MAP]

Alabama State Capitol

Montgomery, the state capital of Alabama, has a distinguished past, but it was Rosa Parks who made it internationally famous. When she refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white man in 1965, the African-American woman made civil rights history. Ironically, it was at Montgomery when the Confederacy was established in 1861.

Currently, this city on the Alabama River is renowned for its multiple buildings, arks, and one of the best art scenes for a city of its size in the country. At its Blount Park theater, the Alabama Shakespeare Festival performs Shakespeare’s plays all year round.

7. Cheaha State Park [MAP]

cheaha state park

The highest point in Alabama is Cheaha Mountain. The state park bearing the Cree Indian word’s name is home to the mountain’s 2,413-foot (735-meter) height. With access to the Appalachian Trail and other routes, Cheaha State Park in Talladega National Forest offers excellent hiking.

If you’d rather to ride through the wilderness as opposed to hike, there is even a trail for ATVs. Camping and upscale lodges are both options for lodging. The park staff can assist you with your wedding planning if a lovely outdoor setting is your preferred location. Day visitors are also drawn to the park.

6. Mobile [MAP]

mobile al

The only saltwater port in Alabama is Mobile, which is situated at the head of Mobile Bay. The biggest city between New Orleans and St. Petersburg, Florida, on the Gulf Coast is the third largest city in Alabama. With museums, art galleries, a professional symphony orchestra, a ballet company, and an opera company, it is a cultural hub by the sea.

The city is ablaze with azaleas in the early spring, and in February it celebrates the oldest planned carnival in the United States; this carnival was started in the early 1700s by French Catholic settlers. In nine significant historic districts, Mobile is known for its antebellum architecture, a fusion of numerous styles.

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